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Interhome, multinazionale con sede a Zurigo parte integrante del Gruppo Hotelplan, è la societa' "leader" nell'affitto di appartamenti e case di vacanza in Europa.
Interhome propone un’offerta di oltre 20.000 appartamenti e case di vacanza in 15 paesi europei e in Florida.
Interhome propone solo appartamenti offerti da proprietari privati. Grazie a questi contratti in esclusiva Interhome e' in grado di poter confermare al cliente la disponibilita' in tempo reale
Interhome based in Zurich is specialised in holiday rentals and owned by the Hotelplan Group. Hotelplan is the second largest Swiss travel company and one of the ten largest in Europe.
Due to its international network, Interhome welcomes more than 500 000 clients every year: 2.5 million brochures are printed in 8 languages, a website means bookings can be made world-wide.
To welcome and assist guests, Interhome has keyholders in the larger resorts in the Alps, the Mediterranean and Atlantic areas of the country. Interhome also has its own offices, open all year round, in more than 60 locations.
Interhome only offers private holiday homes with exclusive contracts with the owners, enabling us to confirm the availability of all the houses and apartments we offer. Interhome is therefore fully available to all clients.

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